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Best Beacon Hill Restaurants? Here’s 11 To Check Out


Exploring Beacon Hill’s culinary treasures?

Nestled south of I-90 in Seattle, Beacon Hill is a treasure trove for foodies. From cozy eateries to vibrant bars, this neighborhood has a blend of tastes and experiences that cater to every palate.

In the mood for exceptional dining? Musang’s Filipino cuisine and Bar Del Corso’s Neapolitan pizzas are just the beginning of what Beacon Hill has to offer.

Join us on this gastronomic journey through Beacon Hill’s best spots, promising flavors that will linger in your memory.

1. Bar Del Corso

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Bar Del Corso in Beacon Hill is a must-visit for pizza aficionados. This spot is famous for its Neapolitan pizzas cooked in a blazing domed oven, creating the perfect crust with tantalizing leopard spots. Each pizza, topped with buffalo mozzarella and homemade fennel sausage, is a work of art. The menu also includes exquisite small plates like suppli al telefono and the city’s best grilled octopus, making every visit a delightful culinary adventure.

What to order: Neapolitan Pizza, Suppli Al Telefono, Grilled Octopus

Address: 3057 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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2. Musang

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Musang, nestled in Beacon Hill, offers a unique Filipino dining experience in a craftsman-style setting. It’s a place that feels like home, where communal toasts and birthday songs are common. The menu features delights such as pork and shrimp lumpia with a crunchy shell, and a standout short rib kare kare basted in peanut butter bagoong. Each dish is a culinary masterpiece, making Musang a perfect spot for any celebration or just an evening out.

What to order: Pork and Shrimp Lumpia, Short Rib Kare Kare

Address: 2524 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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3. Homer

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Homer, a charming Mediterranean eatery in Beacon Hill, offers a menu that turns vegetables into star dishes. Their burnt cabbage with stracciatella cheese and peanuts, and charred carrots with a unique sauce, are just the beginning. The ambiance, with its ostrich-printed wallpaper and warm pita smells, adds to the experience, making it an ideal spot for a romantic date. Don’t miss their roasted chicken for a meaty delight.

What to order: Burnt Cabbage with Stracciatella, Charred Carrots, Roasted Chicken

Address: 3013 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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4. The Flora Bakehouse

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The Flora Bakehouse is more than just a bakery; it’s a Beacon Hill gem offering a fantastic rooftop space for enjoying their baked goods. Known for their cheddar-chive scones, vegan brownies, and flaky almond croissants, this spot is perfect for a light bite or a coffee break. It’s an ideal place to relax with an iced cardamom rose latte and soak in the sun, making it a must-visit for both locals and visitors.

What to order: Cheddar-Chive Scone, Vegan Brownies, Almond Croissants

Address: 1511 S Lucile St, Seattle, WA 98108, United States

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5. Milk Drunk

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Milk Drunk is the go-to spot in Beacon Hill for casual dining with a twist. Their menu stars double-fried chicken with a curry-infused breading, offering a unique flavor profile. This casual counter spot, an offshoot of Homer, also serves delicious soft serve and sides like curly fries and mozzarella sticks. It’s a perfect choice for a laid-back meal or a quick snack, with each bite promising a memorable crunch and flavor.

What to order: Double-Fried Chicken, Soft Serve, Curly Fries

Address: 2805 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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6. Carnitas Michoacan

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Carnitas Michoacan in Beacon Hill is a haven for Mexican cuisine lovers. Their carnitas, marinated and braised to perfection, are a harmonious blend of tender meat and crispy edges. Served in tacos or burritos with fluffy homemade tortillas, every bite is a flavor explosion. The carne asada is another hidden gem, well-salted and juicy, making it a standout in the city. Pair your meal with their spicy red salsa for an extra kick.

What to order: Carnitas, Carne Asada Tacos, Homemade Tortillas

Address: 2500 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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7. Chebogz

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Chebogz brings the essence of Filipino street food to Beacon Hill. This former food truck turned restaurant offers a cozy ambiance filled with Filipino cultural homages. Their peppery pork sisig sizzles with flavor, and the garlic aioli adds a comforting touch. For those who can’t decide, the Island Combo provides a sampling of their best dishes. It’s a great spot for a filling lunch or a relaxed meal to start the weekend.

What to order: Pork Sisig, Island Combo

Address: 2710 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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8. Perihelion Brewery

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Perihelion Brewery stands out as Beacon Hill’s favorite spot for craft beer. Not only does it offer a great selection of beers like apricot sour, but its food menu is equally impressive. The rigatoni mac and cheese, shoestring fries, soft pretzels, and a top-notch cheeseburger topped with pork belly and chile aioli make it a perfect place to pair a pint with delicious bites. The outdoor firepit and friendly staff add to the welcoming atmosphere.

What to order: Rigatoni Mac and Cheese, Soft Pretzels, Craft Beer

Address: 2800 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, United States

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9. La Tienda Mexicana El Oaxaque

La Tienda Mexicana El Oaxaque, a quaint bodega in Beacon Hill, serves up authentic Mexican street food. Their elotes, served on a stick or in a cup, are a must-try, perfectly paired with fresh mango slices topped with chile. It’s a great spot for a quick, flavorful snack, capturing the essence of Mexican street fare in a small yet vibrant setting.

What to order: Elotes, Mango with Chile

Address: 4515 15th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, United States

10. Nikos Gyros

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Nikos Gyros in Beacon Hill is a go-to for authentic Greek cuisine. Their menu features classics like avgolemono (chicken and rice stew) and hearty lamb gyros. The avgolemono, especially with a squeeze of lemon, is a comforting dish, while the lamb gyro, filled with tzatziki and feta, is a flavorful delight. Ideal for a quick lunch or a casual dining experience, Nikos Gyros offers a taste of Greece in the heart of Seattle.

What to order: Avgolemono, Lamb Gyro

Address: 1636 S McClellan St, Seattle, WA 98144, United States


11. Dim Sum House

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Dim Sum House brings a slice of Chinese culinary tradition to Beacon Hill. Specializing in dim sum, their menu includes juicy potstickers and delectable siu mai, both of which are must-tries. The small, white-tablecloth setting provides an intimate dining experience, making it perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. Their potstickers, with a filling so flavorful it needs no soy sauce, are a highlight, ensuring a memorable meal.

What to order: Potstickers, Siu Mai

Address: 4860 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108, United States

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As we wrap up our journey through Beacon Hill’s culinary scene, remember, this is just a taste of what this vibrant neighborhood has to offer. Hungry for more? Continue your food adventure with our guide to the best restaurants in the nearby Central District, where more gastronomic delights await!